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En route to Zion Hills:

As we drove past Kolar Golf Fields(KGF), I wondered whether there were more mines to be dug and more gold to be found. And continued to wonder what exactly does that yellow metal do to people. Do these precious metals and stones pass on happiness or show a better way to paradise?

Burying that question deep within, I let the beautiful landscapes overtake my thoughts. Another half an hour into our journey, we reach our destination… Zion Hills. It is more than just a destination… it is a blissful paradise. My thoughts come back, ‘When one can find paradise well above the ground… why dig deep, then?’

Zion Hills Golf Course:


Presently a 9-hole golf course known for its bentgrass greens with its carpet-like feel, a practice range facility like none other and more than a few picturesque holes, this Zion Hills Golf County surely is enticing. The clear blue skies and the tranquility in this place is quite amazing to feel.

Villa 337 (Poetic Mornings):

At Zion Hills, a room in Villa 337 turns out to be my abode for more than a month. It is here in this villa that I walk on to the balcony every morning with a cup of coffee when greyness still fills everywhere. As I sip my coffee, I watch the grey blankets being drawn away ever so slowly while the Sun tries to squeeze itself through the clouds.


As the wagtails and bushchats chirp, dive and dash, the beautiful golf course awakens right before my eyes… The tall eucalyptus trees sway to the morning breeze, the lush greens get a spray from the sprinklers, the egrets throw their whiteness with grace to catch their early morning snacks while the skies change hues every second to put up a show knowing too well they have a great spectator in me.

I tarry… for the morning show to be done before I move back into the villa where my sleepy daughter and my daily chores await me.

Club House:

During the day, I walk to the Club House, a simple, yet tastefully built one with white curvy roof which somehow adds to the beauty of the place. There are two or three dogs here – Rosie, Lily and Raku who have won more than a few hearts.I sit there and witness their pranks or watch those ten to fifteen lively kids from the Tarun Sardesai Golf (TSG Academy ) (my daughter is one among them) as they liven up the driving range from morning to evening. When inspiration kicks me I strike a few balls too… Otherwise I walk along the course to the ponds to watch the fish swim by or to capture the beauty of the varied lizards and chameleons that throng this place.



After a long day’s work – still smiling!


Then I hit upon a place close by where I could walk without looking right or left for golfers or their errant golf balls… where I could hear nothing but birds, breeze and my own footsteps. I get back to the club house only when the amateur bird-watcher and the amateur photographer in me have had enough of frustrating moments of trying to identify the birds or trying to catch them in flight, all the time missing them in the frame!


Supper Time:

The evenings are short and sweet. Sharing the dining table with other guests… sharing a meal or two with them adds to the gratifying experience. I will fondly remember not only the stories that were told but also the stories that unfolded around that table…

Month Long Sojourn:

And so at Zion Hills, my days whizzed by as different hues and idyllic times filled my heart and soul day after day. I was told that it was the worst time of the year to be there (summer at its best-month of May) and yet I loved it. Knowing that fact is comforting as I could only love it more now.

Comes to an End:

Then, it was time to leave. With a weary heart I packed… I got back with me a lot of lovely memories, new acquaintances, friendships and a bit of a tan…

But in turn…

I left a bigger part of my soul behind.